[Etoys] Reminder hackontest.ch: What feature would you like to see in Squeak/Etoys/Scratch/OpenCroquet/Seaside/Sophie/...?

karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Wed May 7 08:04:56 EDT 2008

Markus Gälli wrote:
> Hi folks
> as I pointed out earlier I've registered Squeak on
> http://www.hackontest.ch
> "Can you code 24 hours non-stop? Hackontest is a new Google-sponsored  
> 24-hour programming competition between different open source  
> projects. Its goals are to enhance Free Software projects according  
> to user needs and to make visible how enthusiastically open source  
> software is being developed. During the current online selection  
> process users and developers of open source software may submit  
> feature requests and rate and comment them. On August 1st, 2008 the  
> Hackontest jury will pick the three most promising teams. Each team  
> will receive a free trip to Switzerland on September 24/25, 2008 to  
> participate in the competition located in Zurich. Hacking 24 hours  
> inside an etoy.CONTAINER, the teams and their virtually present  
> communities will implement certain features based on the online  
> ratings and jury selection. In the end, the Hackontest jury evaluates  
> the code and awards the winners with a total of USD 8500. The jury is  
> made up of 10 renowned open source contributors: Jeremy Alison  
> (Samba), Jono Bacon (Ubuntu), Brian W. Fitzpatrick (Subversion),  
> Martin F. Krafft (Debian), Alexander Limi (Plone), Federico Mena- 
> Quintero (GNOME), Bram Moolenaar (vim), Bruce Perens (OSI founder),  
> Lukas K. Smith (PHP) and Harald Welte (gpl-violations.org)."
> For a more detailed description what hackontest is about see the  
> "word from the sponsor" at
> http://google-opensource.blogspot.com/2008/05/happy-hacking-real- 
> time.html
> It is absolutely ok to register the requests you yourself would like  
> to work on.
> So please feel very free to
> - register on http://www.hackontest.ch (make sure to press the submit/ 
> login buttons, simple enter did not work for me),
> - add you favorite project to Squeak
> - and start rating.
> I think having some feature requests there would also help us to  
> advertise for "All things Squeak" in general.
> Cheers
> Markus
> p.s. We definitely should have some Etoy related project, as the  
> event will be hosted by the art group called Etoy.com :-)
> http://etoy.com/blog/archive/2008/04/22/etoy-got-slash-dotted.html
I would like to partake in the project, and added a project for 
enhancing picture and camera support in Etoys.
We'll see how it pans out :-)


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