[Etoys] Pen color categoyry

karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Mon Mar 31 04:31:47 EDT 2008

K. K. Subramaniam wrote:
> On Sunday 30 Mar 2008 11:40:09 pm karl wrote:
>> I was playing a little with Etoys and pen use today and found that it's
>> hard to change pen color of SketchMorphs in scripts because their color
>> category in the Viewer is not in use. But many times I may want to
>> change the pen color of a SketchMorph so I thought a Pen Color category
>> could be nice.
> +1 with a slight modification.
> In Logo's Turtle, the pen was a tangible and visible entity which made it easy 
> for kids to comprehend it. In Etoy, the Pen is an invisible, abstract entity 
> whose presence is manifest only in the trails it leaves behind. This runs 
> counter to Morphic principle of directness. Instead, pen methods could be 
> factored into a separate Morph, say PenMorph, that can be manipulated by kids 
> directly to affect size, color, shape, trailstyle and up/down state.
> Subbu
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I agree that the current pen is a little abstract and intangible, and it 
can feel a little left in the background. But then again, Etoys is so 
wast, many features are hard to grasp and get right away.


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