[Etoys] Pen color categoyry

karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Sun Mar 30 14:10:09 EDT 2008

I was playing a little with Etoys and pen use today and found that it's 
hard to change pen color of SketchMorphs in scripts because their color 
category in the Viewer is not in use. But many times I may want to 
change the pen color of a SketchMorph so I thought a Pen Color category 
could be nice.

An other observation is that Pen color change is a little hard to 
accomplish because the color category give you access to the Player 
color and you have to remember to change to Players Pen color.  A 
general Pen Color category would make the use a little easier because 
you would have the indirection already made.

What do others think ?


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