[Etoys] Animations in Squeak/Scratch and Flash

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Fri Mar 28 14:22:21 EDT 2008


> >   BTW, the "LearniT" animations are fun to watch and have hip style,
> > but to see that some people think they are good for "education"
> > (implies that they are informative and teaching something) gives me a
> > strange impression.  
> Oh I agree with you, absolutely. The animation is very cool but not very 
> useful as explanation how to use mesh networking, in fact confusing at least 
> to me. I was talking about the general idea of hijacking the interest in 
> things Flash and convert it to eToys. As far as i know, Flash is beeing 
> taught and used in North American High Schools in "computer technology" type 
> classes, presumably for it's popularity and coolness factor - would be nice 
> to have that railroad available :)

  And of course I wasn't implying that you think like that!  Yes, I
follow these emails on devel@ and other lists and there is a need for
content making in general.

  And, I think it should be possible to make such contents on XO.
Otherwise, the work flow is like some people make them in Flash/Flex,
etc. and have them consumed by others with XO.  This is another point
it seems to be missing to me in the discussion.

-- Yoshiki

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