[Etoys] Animations in Squeak/Scratch and Flash

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Thu Mar 27 22:29:31 EDT 2008

On 2008 March 28, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>   Either in Etoys or Scratch, a script for that kind of animation
> would look like a long, serial chain of commands, and would not be too
> pleasant to edit or make.
>   There have been discussions to make a tool for making timeline-based
> animations.  One could imagine to start from something that
> EventTheatre offers (press "Record" in EV, do something, hit escape
> key and press the double-ring button).
>   However, filling details that makes such a tool (i.e., an animation
> making tool) useful would require a lot of work.  Frame-based
> animation in Etoys doesn't really scale, and adjusting the rotation
> centers of frames to make the animation look right is hard, etc.
> Also, our 2D scaling and rotation isn't fast enough to show that on
> XO.

Yoshiki, thanks for explaining
>   BTW, the "LearniT" animations are fun to watch and have hip style,
> but to see that some people think they are good for "education"
> (implies that they are informative and teaching something) gives me a
> strange impression.  

Oh I agree with you, absolutely. The animation is very cool but not very 
useful as explanation how to use mesh networking, in fact confusing at least 
to me. I was talking about the general idea of hijacking the interest in 
things Flash and convert it to eToys. As far as i know, Flash is beeing 
taught and used in North American High Schools in "computer technology" type 
classes, presumably for it's popularity and coolness factor - would be nice 
to have that railroad available :)

Thanks Milan
> "How the mesh network works?" and the animation 
> essentially tells you that "the middle man relays".  Do you need one
> minute animation to convey the four words idea?
> -- Yoshiki
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