[Etoys] DrGeo sluggish

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at ofset.org
Fri Mar 28 07:03:35 EDT 2008

2008/3/28, John Gilmore <gnu at toad.com>:
> > The calculus of the figure takes about 10s (the workaround for the
>  > incomplete implementation of the Squeak closure may take a lot of the
>  > needed time for the calculus) but then the rendering is pretty fast
>  > considering the CPU (no floating point unit)
> FYI, there is a floating point unit in the XO.

Oh great.
Ok now I am not sure how is done floating point calculus within Squeak.
Does it use the hardware resource (FPU) or does Squeak use its own
calculus system with Taylor series or so ? Let's hear what Squeak
friends say.


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