[Etoys] Looking for a development version of OLPC-Etoys080211

Simon Guest simon.guest at tesujimath.org
Mon Mar 24 23:12:16 EDT 2008


I've been using the "experimental version of OLPC image for non-XO
environments", posted by Yoshiki on 7 Feb 2008, and targeted at being
the next Squeakland release I think.

As well as doing the EToys thing, I'm trying to do Smalltalk
development with it*.  So I need a development version.  Is there such
a thing somewhere?

The image as is has no support for Monticello, and attempts to load it
from SqueakMap give me errors.  Any suggestions here?  

Is there a better list to use to discuss Smalltalk development on this


* And here's the explanation for that.  I am in the process of
  introducing Squeak EToys into my school, based on the OLPC EToys
  image, which seems the best choice now for that sort of thing.  But
  there are also several things I also want to do not supported by
  this image, like my LatexMorph, which relies on OSProcess.  And so on.

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