[Etoys] trouble with etoys-dev.image and etoys.image

polishookm polishookm at mail.montclair.edu
Mon Mar 17 16:11:38 EDT 2008

Thanks Bert.

etoys-dev.zip opened and worked perfectly. And thanks for explaining the 
mystery of the 0 bytes file.

> Here you are:
> 	http://etoys.laptop.org/src/etoys-dev.zip
> This should have everything needed to build an olpc release image, but  
> excludes the actual guides and projects. Or should it include those,  
> too?

It's easy enough to copy them from the etoys folder. On the other hand, 
maybe including them is one less set of instructions (for a new 
user/developer) on a web site or a README.

Two more questions (anomlies?): Clicking on the Help button (in 
etoys-dev.image) brings up" Error: not used anymore." .... Is that correct?

Clicking on the 'make olpc image' button proceeds along for a little bit 
but then stops with:

Player allInstancesDo: .... message missing (I think that's what I saw).

Thanks and hope this is helpful -

>> ... It looks at the moment, too, as if etoys-dev.changes isn't on  
>> the server.
> Actually it is (the file really is 0 bytes).
> - Bert -
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