[Etoys] Nepalese support: making progress

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Wed Jun 25 01:48:18 EDT 2008


  We are making another progress on the text rendering support with
Pango.  This time, I'm even comfortable to mention it publicly!

  As a test, I put a little bit of (incomplete) Nepalese support.  For
those who would like to try right now, do it a bit hard way on Linux:

  - Get the latest VMMaker image, update RomePlugin to the latest
    version with the Monticello browser.  Generate source code to compile
    the VM.
  - Update the etoys-3.0 image to the latest.
  - Switch the language to Nepali from the flag in the menu bar.
  - Change the keyboard layout to devanagaari by something like:
    setxkbmap -layout in -variant deva
and type Devanagaari into Etoys.

  Clipboard isn't quite right (even though it may seem to be working),
but let me know if the keyboard works as expected.

  Sometime this week, we'll release the VM so that you don't have to
build the VM by yourself.

  Thank you!

-- Yoshiki

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