[Etoys] Squeak translations

Yamandu Ploskonka yamaplos at bolinux.org
Wed Jun 4 09:54:10 EDT 2008


I got into this precisely because I was trying to volunteer someone else


Now, I am meaning to coordinate that translation project for Aymara 
Sugar in October in Bolivia, and with God's grace go all the way to 
complete Etoys as well as the rest. 

It might be that as a by-product we complete the Spanish as well, but 
hopefully that will be done before the August release, whose main market 
is the upgrade for the Spanish speaking countries anyway, or so I hope... 

thank you for thinking of me, I feel honored, and wish I could do it.

I will keep an eye on how things are.  If nobody stands up I'll see 
about shifting other priorities, because I think this is very, very 
important to complete the OLPC offer to Uruguay and Peru.


Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>   Yama,
>   I just sent an email, but the reason is largely that the biggest
> translation effort was done before the OLPC Etoys effort got traction;
> i.e., Spanish version was fine but The new changes on the base system
> obsoleted some of the existing translation and the users of LinEx
> didn't really have the reason to translate these new phrases.
>   So, if you can organize the translation effort, that would be great!
> -- Yoshiki
> At Wed, 28 May 2008 17:25:14 -0500,
> Yamandu Ploskonka wrote:
>> I see that the Spanish eToys translation is at 61%
>> Now, much Squeak work has been done in Spain.
>> It might be a Fraggle Rock moment for me, or maybe there's a good reason 
>> it has not been done before, but I am curious, could the Squeak .es 
>> version be ported somehow?
>> Yama
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