[Etoys] [Squeakland] Upcoming talk

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Mon Jun 2 02:55:48 EDT 2008

> Thanks for all the suggestions I will be using something from everyone
> who replayed.

  I hope the talk goes well!

> So..... what image should I uses as the base? What image has the
> most/best eToys Morphs? (along with all the OLPC projects)

  I use the vanilla image for my presentations.  So, either:




and update the image from the World menu available Alt-, -> 'help...'
-> 'update code from server', and save it.  The former comes with some
example projects, it would be more convenient.

For making many projects and do some "tricks", I tend to prefer to
turn off eToyFriendly mode preference.  So I usually use the fully
updated dev image.  Just load some examples and make.  To give a
uniform looking projects, I have a stupid do it written in a Text
object (whose font size and color are set up for the presentation,
too) and stick it to the Object flap.  When I create a new Project in
the image, I drag the Text out along with other "template" type stuff,
and evaluate the do it in the text.  Then I just type a few words in
to the text to make (err) bullet points.

-- Yoshiki

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