[Etoys] etoys on xo in browse(r)

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Jul 16 13:39:14 EDT 2008

Am 16.07.2008 um 05:07 schrieb Ties Stuij:

> Hey,
> I noticed some things about running etoys in the browser on the XO.
> The overriding theme here is that you can't. That is to say, not from
> a default install.
> First of all npsqueak.so isn't linked to the mozilla plugin directory.
> Is this intentional? Seems to be a waste of opportunity, since all the
> infrastructure is already there.

It is intentional, to not present a half-broken solution. To make this  
work nicely in the browser, some more work would be needed. Like, the  
Sugar navigation bar should not be displayed, but saving should still  
be possible to the Journal, but it would not currently because it is  
not running as activity, etc. There simply was no time until now to  
get to this. We're happy to include changesets fixing this :)

The recommended way to run Etoys projects on the XO from the web is to  
simply provide a direct link to a .pr file.

> Then npsqueakrun (which is called by the plugin), doesn't work in the
> new olpc security model and doesn't work well WITH it either. The way
> it works now, the SqueakPlugin.image is copied to
> {userdir}/.npsqueakplugin, which is of course a waste of space and
> effort with processes running as different on the fly created users.

This is to accommodate the "old" Squeakland update model which would  
automatically load updates from the change set stream and save the  

- Bert -

> My hackish solution is to just load the plugin in /usr/lib/squeak. See
> the attached npsqueakrun, which is equally hackish.
> /Ties
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