[Etoys] [Etoys-notify] Commit from Pootle by user sayamindu

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Thu Jan 31 16:54:31 EST 2008

Hi Sayamindu,

>>> What's happening on Pootle if I update git from outside?
>>    On pushing to git conflict might occur between Pootle and git
>> master but we could around.
> As Korakurider suggests - this will result in a conflict in Git. How
> Pootle handles that depends on the nature of the conflict. If you
> absolutely need to modify PO files from your side, please let me know
> after you do that - so that we can coordinate and fix the conflict.

Could you update po/de/etoys.po in Pootle?
Also there was a similar problem, and I fixed just one line.

- Takashi

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