[Etoys] Squeaklets/

Luke Gorrie luke at member.fsf.org
Thu Jan 31 07:38:35 EST 2008


I've hit a snag while bundling up a proper EPaati.xo activity bundle.
The issue is that when I try to load a project from a file Squeak is
trying to cache the project file in (imagedir)/Squeaklets/ and it's
failing due to a permissions problem. The directories all have
permissions rwxrwxr-x and Sugar seems to run the epaati activity as
some "other" user who lacks write permissions.

So I'm looking for a way to either prevent Squeak from caching the
projects in Squeaklets/ (waste of time and space in this case --
they're already on disk) or to arrange for the permissions to work out
so that Squeak can create Squeaklets/ or will already have it
correctly setup.

Any tips?

I'd post the buggy .xo bundle but bandwidth doesn't allow.


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