[Etoys] What need to be changed for new .xo format ?

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Jan 24 17:42:30 EST 2008

On Jan 24, 2008, at 23:02 , Edward Cherlin wrote:

> On Jan 24, 2008 1:56 PM, Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de>  
> wrote:
>> On Jan 24, 2008, at 19:12 , Hilaire Fernandes wrote:
>>> Bert,
>>> I have your dicewar.xo format I want to use as a template for Drgeo
>>> bundle.
>>>  You mentionned several time it is the old format. What do I need to
>>> update to be on the new format?
>> Create a .xo with my "XO" button in the file list, then unzip that.
>> That makes a good template.
> Is this on the Wiki? We will need somebody to provide much more
> detail, if this new format is to be some kind of standard.

Currently this is not a supported feature but an experimental tool  
for etoys hackers like Hilaire or Stef. It's not even in any released  
Etoys version, you have to manually update to get it.

I intend to add a button to save the currently running project as  
a .xo bundle to the Journal, which then should need almost no  

Currently it would go like this (assuming a current Update.1 or  
Joyride build):

1. Make an Etoys project. Save it as file (hold down on the "keep"  
button and choose "Publish as...", press OK,  then choose the MyEtoys  
2. Press the view-source key. Choose help - update code from server.  
This loads a few changesets from our update server. [only needed  
until the next etoys release]
3. From the view-source menu, choose open - file list. Select  
your .pr file in the upper right pane. Press the "XO" button. This  
creates the .xo bundle.
4. Open a Terminal. Type "find isolation -name MyEtoys" to find the  
path of the .xo bundle.
5. type "sugar-install-bundle isolation/1/gid_to_data_dir/*/MyEtoys/ 
MyProject-1.xo" (instead of the * use the path you determined in step  
6. Run the new activity from the frame (it has a an empty rounded  
rectangle icon).
7. Go to dev.laptop.org and report issues ;)

- Bert -

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