[Etoys] portuguese in pootle

Juliano Bittencourt juliano at lec.ufrgs.br
Mon Jan 21 21:34:43 EST 2008

     Hi Korakurider,

     After some work, I decided to fork the pt_BR etoys translation  
based on the current version of the etoys.po existing in the pt  
translation. The differences were not so big as I initially thought.  
Tomorrow I will go through the translation checking the differences  
and correcting sentences marked as fuzzy. Eduardo, please check if  
your new translations were incorporated in the current version.
     I think that this should solve the issues related to the pt_BR  
translation of etoys and make possible to the translation moves  
forward. Since most of the Sugar interface is already translated to  
pt_BR, etoys is our next goal.
     About the pt-pt version, I think that there is already someone  
taking care of the translation. For sure, I'm not the right person to  
do so because I'm very well familiarized with the portuguese spoken in  
Portugal. Hoboprimate, maybe you can contribute?
      Please, let me know of any regards.



Em 22/01/2008, às 00:05, Korakurider escreveu:

> Hi, Juliano.
> Thanks for explanation, that cleared up much of my concerns.
> On Jan 22, 2008 2:54 AM, Juliano Bittencourt <juliano at lec.ufrgs.br>  
> wrote:
>> I will check the files today and do the necessary consistency
>> work.
>   If you feel current translations for PT-BR on Pootle (based on old
> POT though) OK,
>   please push it to git as a first version, so that admin work can be
> done, including synchronization to the latest POT , clean up PO
> header, and etoys to test pulling it to build.
> BTW, now that PT-BR has been forked from PT, are you taking care of  
> PT-PT also?
> Cheers,
> /Korakurider

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