[Etoys] portuguese in pootle

Juliano Bittencourt juliano at lec.ufrgs.br
Mon Jan 21 12:54:59 EST 2008

     Hello Korakurider,

     I'm the current administrator for the Brazilian Portuguese inside  
Pootle. Yesterday I was discussing with Paulo Drummond about the  
problems happening with the Brazilian Portuguese translation of etoys.  
Paulo and myself did a lot of effort in translating etoys when the  
process was still happening inside launchpad. Paulo actually is  
working for a long time in order to provide a portuguese version of  
     Paulo explained to me, that in the past we didn't have a pt-BR  
and pt-PT, only a pt translation. When the translations were uploaded  
to Pootle, the original translation was only uploaded in pt-PT and not  
in pt-BR folder. After the upload, lots of strings were changed in the  
pt-PT version, customizing the sentences to the portuguese spoken in  
Portugal. What I was trying to do was to find a po file previous to  
these customizations, in order to avoid redoing work already done.
      I will check the files today and do the necessary consistency  
      I also suggest, that our discussion regarding translation also  
happens inside the localization list, since we have some volunteers in  
translation that only participate on that list.



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