[Etoys] Sugar vs. Etoys questions

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Sat Jan 19 15:33:23 EST 2008

> Quiting Etoys is always a little painful because it saves the current 
> project and that takes what feels like a long time. Could that be done 
> in another way, like leaving the Etoys process and let it finish in the 
> background ? ( I know it's possible to move the mouse to a corner and 
> get the Sugar border thing but if it was done automatically it would 
> give a less painfully slow feel :-))

  I felt that we missed a chance to change the saving mechanism but by
allowing some lossy-ness, we could make it faster.

  Also, a little trick you can do is to hold the stop button for 1
second; you'll be offered an option to quit without saving.

> Getting stuff into Etoys from the Journal is hard. Say you have two 
> images, a sound etc. you want to use in a project it's not obvious how 
> to do that. I guess copy and paste from the Journal is the Sugar way, 
> but I'm not fully convinced. How hard would it be to show Journal 
> contents in the filtering FileList tool ?

  That would be a good idea.  We can modify "File Dialog" to support
such a "directory".

-- Yoshiki

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