[Etoys] publishing Etoys projects as individual activities?

Karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Fri Jan 11 17:35:16 EST 2008

Bryan Berry wrote:
> Hey guys, 	
> The developers in Nepal have put together some really cool activities.	
> http://olenepal.org/activities/epaati_bundle1.zip
> Ties Stuij also put together a nice little Etoy for Nepal in just a few
> days
> http://stuij.se/etoys/MoneyBrother.008.pr
> I talked w/ Walter the other day about Squeak activities and he spoke
> about the need to put individual Squeak activities into individual
> bundles. That makes sense to me. At the same time I really like the
> tabbed interface that the OLE Nepal team came up. Please take a look.
> Would it be possible to keep the individual Squeak activities and
> particular image files separate but relate them? that way we could still
> have cute interfaces that are easy to follow but not gigantic squeak
> image files. 
We have discussed this a few times here. There is a issue with projects 
with lots of  source code that slow down loading to several minutes. 
Hopefully this can be addressed.


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