[Etoys] publishing Etoys projects as individual activities?

Bryan Berry bryan.berry at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 16:34:21 EST 2008

Hey guys, 	

The developers in Nepal have put together some really cool activities.	


Ties Stuij also put together a nice little Etoy for Nepal in just a few


I talked w/ Walter the other day about Squeak activities and he spoke
about the need to put individual Squeak activities into individual
bundles. That makes sense to me. At the same time I really like the
tabbed interface that the OLE Nepal team came up. Please take a look.

Would it be possible to keep the individual Squeak activities and
particular image files separate but relate them? that way we could still
have cute interfaces that are easy to follow but not gigantic squeak
image files. 

Also, is there a project space for E-paati on dev.laptop.org yet? I saw
the hosting request that Luke submitted 2 weeks ago but I don't see it
on http://dev.laptop.org/git

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