[Etoys] loading application in Etoys image

karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Thu Jan 3 05:09:22 EST 2008

Ted Kaehler wrote:
>> Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>  >> I looked at the code and could not see a solution within my grasp. 
>>>>  Image
>>>>  segments needs references for symbols from the image and the only 
>>>>  viable
>>  >> way is compiling the classes as far as I can see.
> Folks,
> 	If I remember correctly, a normal project load (of a .pr 
> file) handles this perfectly well.  It does not need to recompile 
> classes.  All symbols are in the "Outpointers" table, and are 
> resolved to existing or new symbols when the ImageSegment is loaded. 
> This is done for each literal frame of each method.  It is just an 
> object, afterall.
> 	Currently, only UniClasses (subclasses of Player) are allowed 
> into a project file as objects.  But, we could change this for 
> something we wanted to load quickly.
> 	I assume you want the source code of the new class to be 
> appended to the .changes file?  That is what takes the time.  We may 
> be able to speed that up, or have these classes be without sources 
> (decompiled but with comments).
> --Ted.
Ted, this is good news and I hope it's possible to make these changes. I 
tried to change the logic to include other objects than player but the 
objects became zombies.


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