[Etoys] BotsInc

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Thu Jan 3 04:33:56 EST 2008

>> You should really turn to the OLPC support forums - this is not an  
>> Etoys problem:
> http://support.laptop.org/

Yes I know this is why I did not insited on that one.
> There are many problems with the XOs and even more solutions, but  
> this is not the place to discuss them.
>>> I will check on the etoy image
>>> Ok this is strange.
>>>     The trick is that eToyFriendly is enabled in standard
>>> etoys.image, that makes menu disabled.  My test shows that
>>> disabling the preference in postscript of the project makes
>>> difference. (For BotsInc as non etoys app, that friendliness is not
>>> needed anyway :-)
>> Ok I see I will use the image that yoshiki sent around and see what I
>> can do to get a menu or launch the application.
> The image Yoshiki sent around is *not* as useful if you want to  
> develop for OLPC. It is tuned to work nicely in non-XO systems, and  
> will evolve into the next Squeakland version. You should at least  
> work with the OLPC etoys.image, and ideally inside Sugar.

ok thanks for the information. My main problem is total lack of time.  
I mean really absolute lack of time.

> It really can't be that hard to get the XO working - maybe you need  
> to give it to a student ;)

I tried but I have only one student around and he is already working  
a lot on other stuff for his PhD

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