[Etoys] An experimental version of OLPC image for non-XO environments

subbukk subbukk at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 21:27:52 EST 2008

On Tuesday 01 January 2008 12:53:15 pm Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>   Hello,
>   This is way overdue, but I just upload potential version of Etoys
> image for non-XO environments:
> http://tinlizzie.org/olpc/OLPC-Etoys071231.zip
Worked fine on Debian Etch/Lenny too. How about a note for Linux users in 
The launcher script for Linux users is in "etoys.sh". If the script is on a 
removable volume (like a USB flash memory), mount it with "exec" option or 
you will get a "Permission denied" error when launching the script.

I also had to change "default text font" to BitstreamVera Sans 9pt for a 
consistent look.

Thank you .. Subbu

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