[Etoys] The New Etoys image

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Mon Feb 18 23:12:17 EST 2008

> >   For the OLPC project, the etoys2.3 stream *should* be "final". As
> > long as the Update.1 deadline doesn't force us, we are not going to
> > push any new changes to etoys2.3.
> Does that mean that after Update.1 etoys3 will be shiped on the XO, and if so, 
> does that mean it will not be possible for normal user to update their OLPC 
> to a later version, for example, Update.1.1, without loosing their etoys2.3 
> projects (because they were created under Update.1 or earlier)?

  I wasn't clear about it, sorry.

  All projects made in Etoys 2.3 and before will open in etoys 3.0.
If not, it is a bug.

  What I was referring to in the previous paragraph was the Smalltalk
code and Smalltalk objects created from do its.

  So, basically, don't worry about it.

> Also, could you comment how does 2.3 and 3.0 relate to the non-OLPC version 
> announced in earlier post "A new experimental version of OLPC image for 
> non-XO environments".

  The new non-OLPC version (Squeakland-Etoys) will based on Etoys 3.0,
but besides the version number, Etoys 3.0 will accumulate incremental
changes from Etoys 2.3, so, there aren't too big differences.

> Also, which of the above (2.3, 3.0, non-olpc) are you most interested for 
> people to test? :)

  On a platform other than XO, please test OLPC-Etoysyymmdd.zip.  On
XO, generally, keep up with OLPC's latest development version.  (Or
the latest stable version, depending on your use case.)

> Sorry for all the questions, I am just curious (and have some limited time to 
> test if required)

  Thank you for asking, actually!  Hopefully this makes it clearer.

-- Yoshiki

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