[Etoys] condense sources?

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Thu Feb 7 16:35:58 EST 2008


> >   What do you think?
> I'd been hoping for this earlier but now I have no strong feelings.
> If we succeed in distributing epaati purely as project files (no
> custom image) then it won't matter so much to us. And in any case it's
> already pretty hard to distribute a 20+ MB image from Nepal and
> perhaps not drastically more so include a big changes file.
> So I promise not to complain whatever you do. ;-)

  Sorry not for getting back to you sooner when you complained, err,
expressed the idea.  It is a kind of "slow-death" and delaying an
action is always easy.

  Now, if we do the following:

  - Condensing sources
  - making EtoysV1.sources (or EtoysV3.sources, actually)
  - Bumping the base version number to 3 and make etoys-3.0-dev.image
  - Creating a new update stream for it.

We are good to go.

-- Yoshiki

Yes, I confirmed that condenseSources manages to keep the class
comment stamps.

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