[Etoys] SugarDataStore>>getFilename: problem

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Dec 30 11:57:28 EST 2008

On 30.12.2008, at 17:02, karl ramberg wrote:

> Ok, so it's a Joyride issue and the String to ByteArray change will
> affect a few other places as well I guess...

Well I fixed the most obvious breakage in 2160 (which was the whole  
point of that release).

IMHO it's wrong that the datastore converts all strings to byte  
arrays, but the Sugar developers disagree and point to a brand new  
datastore that's going to be implemented at some point in the future  

> I don't have my bug login at the moment so the bug report have to  
> wait...

Once you get it you might file a report against Sugar, too.

> I'm building a JournalMorph and are slowly learning the dbus and
> datastore quirks.

Yay :)

It's actually pretty simple. At least it's not completely undocumented  
anymore - please pipe up if you find anything missing.

> One question: Why can't I open the directories with trailing dot, like
> .sugar, in FileList ?

Because of Rainbow:


It's not the dot but the permissions do not allow access for other  
users than olpc. E.g. you can enter ~olpc/.fontconfig just fine. Use  
"ls -la" in the Terminal to find out.

- Bert -

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