[Etoys] SugarDataStore>>getFilename: problem

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Dec 30 10:29:20 EST 2008

On 30.12.2008, at 15:56, karl ramberg wrote:

> I get a walkback on the 'entries' method because of the attempt to do
> slash changes.

I just tried it and it worked fine.

> Also the utf8ToSqueak fails because ByteString DNU.

What does it not understand? #utf8ToSqueak is implemented in both  
String and ByteString.

> Did
> the 'title' property in Journal change recently because I don't get
> any slashes in any of the titles in my quite fresh Journal ?

"Recently"? Are you running Joyride? Now that triggers a thought ...

In Joyride's Journal all properties became ByteArrays instead of  
Strings indeed, which would explain the walkback in #entries - please  
file a ticket.

I see, that would also explain your need to send #asString in the  
previous message. It's not really recommended to run joyride builds  
yet ...

The title of a journal entry can be anything - it is user editable, so  
a user can easily enter a slash. Also, files downloaded from the  
Browse activity often have a URL in their titles which sport a lot of  

- Bert -

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