[Etoys] [RELEASE] Etoys 4.0

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Dec 16 18:28:26 EST 2008

(resent with new download URLs and a bit more prose)

Hi folks,

this is the first release of Etoys 4.0. The major version jump  
signifies the end of our two-year relicensing effort.

Originally released in 1996, Apple relicensed the Squeak core under  
the Apache 2.0 license in October 2006 - thanks to Steve, Alan, and  
the lawyers involved. Then, Viewpoints Research collected written  
relicensing agreements from several hundred later contributors under  
the MIT license - thanks to Kim, and the Squeak community volunteers.  
Finally, all the code in Etoys not explicitly covered by a relicensing  
agreement was removed, or rewritten, or reverted to an earlier version  
- kudos to Yoshiki for the bulk of that work.

Looking forward to see Etoys properly packaged in more distros now :)

We may have broken stuff while removing and rewriting, so please  
report any oddities you notice.

Note: Etoys comes in two parts, one is the base (in Sugar Glucose, but  
will actually run on all platforms given a  recent Squeak virtual  
machine) and one the activity bundle (in Fructose). Following the  
naming conventions the lower-case "etoys" package is the base while  
the activity is capitalized as "Etoys".

== Sources ==



== Packaged ==



== News ==

* removed/reverted/rewrote all methods not covered by Apache/MIT license
* various fixes (#8928, #8929, #8879, #9058, and others)

- Bert (for the Etoys team) -

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