[Etoys] opening of older projects on the xo-etoys

Rita Freudenberg rita at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Tue Dec 16 08:07:51 EST 2008

Derek O'Connell wrote:
> Hi Rita,
> Bert posted this useful link a short while back. Control-enter seems 
> to do the trick.
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Etoys_Shortcuts
Thank you, Derek! I do know about this possibility, but I don't think it 
is a appropriate thing for first-time users. At least I would like the 
system to automatically Control-enter, if it detects an older project. I 
have in mind a website with lots of projects and users, who will come to 
the site by chance or get directed there without an idea what Etoys is 
about. And then their first impression should not be a project which 
isn't working right. I'm not sure if they even would bother with 
control-enter, I think they would just walk away. Can you see what I mean?
> Rita Freudenberg wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> this is not a new problem, but still unresolved. When I open an etoys 
>> project with the XO image that has been developed with an older etoys 
>> version, the green navigation bar on the top of the project will most 
>> likely  hide parts of my project.  That is highly annoying, 
>> especially for first time users of etoys, who are browsing through 
>> existing projects on a website. There are so many wonderful projects 
>> out there! We will show more of them on the squeakland website, but 
>> we want an exciting experience for the users. So I would ask you what 
>> we could do to solve this problem. Maybe, when an older project is 
>> detected, the green navigation bar will disappear and the orange flap 
>> on the bottom will be shown? The would not have a consisting look of 
>> the projects, but that is due to the different versions, we could 
>> communicate that, but at least the projects could be used. To just 
>> move the world down 100 pixels would bring problems with scripts 
>> using fixed values for the y-axis, but maybe there is another 
>> solution? What do you think? I hope for your suggestions so that we 
>> can populate the squeakland site with lots of great projects!
>> Best Regards,
>> Rita
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