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Korakurider korakurider at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 05:48:00 EDT 2008

Hi, Gerhard.

On 4/10/08, Gerhard Steiner <gd.steiner at gmx.at> wrote:
> Dear all,
> The recent situation of etoy-translation is a little bit confusing for me.
> Is there a chance for some updates to the different images and on Pootle.
> http://etoys.laptop.org/src/etoys-dev.zip
> http://etoys.laptop.org/src/etoys-image-and-pr.zip
> I downloaded and installed them and pulled all updates up to 1963
> The recent  images doesn't include the latest changes of translation
> strings in their pot/po-files (from Feb/Mar).
> It had to play around with the language-editor to get them somehow
> available.
> Is it possible for the developers to update the translations-strings in
> the images + pootle, in some kind of automatic procedure?
> I can see only 6 different languages in the language selector in the
> nav-bar.
     The downloadable files you mentioned are just result of the
latest build and aren't package perfectly ready for use.  Those don't
contain compiled MOs, so basically you need to place MOs manually.
     Without MOs, Etoys work with in-image translations that we
(developers) don't maintain anymore.

      Do you have any reason that you don't want work with MOs
external to image and you want to stick to in-image translations?
I believe we don't want to (in usual situation).  Here is why:

      The Design of legacy-in-image translation dictionary is just one
big original to translation mapping table and functionality is very
      For example, with the legacy  mechanism we can't implement
context-aware translation you requested in the recent discussion.
Other example is that add-on activity like DrGeoII can have its own
translations (with TextDomain of gettext).  But for in-image
dictionary all translation including add-on ones needs to be unified.

> The etoys.image has a lang-directory, the etoys-dev.image has a
> po-directory. Any chance to unifiy them.
   We could have both directories in both archives :-)

> The InternalLanguageEditor uses the po-directory for gettext
> export/import (both etoy+etoy-dev.image).
    LanguageEditor still exist as-is for now, and you can import PO
into in-image dictionary or export.  But the limitation I explained
above would affect you.   If we introduce context or split big
etoys.po into multiple pieces  importing will not work.

> Any chance to include the latest translation-cs form ticket 6704 into
> the images and Pootle:-)
    This is different topic and still needs some work by developers...

> kind regards
> Gerhard Steiner
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