[Etoys] morphs in a holder

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Wed Apr 9 14:02:22 EDT 2008

I had same problem long time ago. It's tricky.
Because a holder is just a morph, I think it is natural to remove this
spacial case about PasteUpMorph and .project.

- Takashi

polishookm wrote:
> Thanks Bert, That worked perfectly with a small demonstration example. 
> If it doesn't work for my student with 57 or so objects in a holder, 
> I'll report back.
> Yes, I agree with you - if the process could be more obvious, that would 
> be helpful :)
> .... (But I appreciate your quick reply ... thanks again! )
> Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>> On 09.04.2008, at 10:33, polishookm wrote:
>>> When in
>>> etoys-dev.image
>>> I can open a halo on an EllipseMorph, click on the debug icon and then
>>> select "save morph in file." That puts a file, for example,  
>>> grey.morph,
>>> assuming that's the name I gave to the morph, in my Squeak directory.
>>> The FillInTheBlank morph that assists with the naming process
>>> automatically appends ".morph" to the name I select, in this case  
>>> "grey."
>>> If I open a HolderMorph and put a few EllipseMorphs into it and if I
>>> open a halo on the HolderMorph and then try to save it in the same  
>>> way,
>>> the dialogue box gives me the option to save the holder as  
>>> a .project file.
>>> When I try to bring that back into Squeak, it comes in as a  
>>> something or
>>> other that takes over the World and can't be worked with in any way  
>>> that
>>> I can determine.
>>> So, my question is what's the best way to export a Holder with  
>>> whatever
>>> objects it contains. The context is a student in my class has a holder
>>> with 57 or so sketches and we'd like to move it (the holder with the
>>> sketches) from from one image to another.
>> Do as you did, and simply rename the file to "xyz.morph".
>> Maybe that option could be made more obvious...

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