[Etoys] Physics Objects and Squeak 3.10

Joe Apuzzo japuzzo at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 13:55:37 EDT 2008

I'm new to the list and have slowly been learning Squeak over the last
few weeks. I want to develop lessons for kids starting in 3rd grade up
to 5th grade ( thus using eToys as the main interface )

I recently came across Phun ( http://phun.cs.umu.se/wiki ) which is a
really great Physics simulator. But it's a toy and lacks the rich
environment that Squeak has for introducing, planning and accomplishing
a "class project".

I know that there is ODECo for Squeak (
http://languagegame.org:8888/ggame/15 ) but
1) It only runs at on 3.7
2) Only has a few objects to work with
3) Does not have settings for friction, density and bounce
4) Does not have the concept of liquid and gas

Therefor is there any work on adding objects to eToys that have Physics
 attributes like those in Phun? If not, is anyone interested?

Yours humbly;

Gnu Joe
Joseph Apuzzo

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