[Etoys] Hackontest Announcement: Form a team, implement sth. useful and win a trip to Zurich

Markus Gälli gaelli at emergent.de
Wed Apr 2 18:55:35 EDT 2008

Hi folks

I've just added Squeak to the "Hackontest" open source gathering- 
competing-whatever-event which should happen in Zurich this September.

Bottom line: Come to Switzerland this summer and get your trip paid  
from this well know advertisement company by adding some cool feature  
to anything Squeak.



Anfang der weitergeleiteten E-Mail:
> Von: Matthias Stürmer <matthias.stuermer at ch-open.ch>
> Datum: 2. April 2008 14:12:27 GMT+02:00
> An: Hackontest <contact at hackontest.org>
> Betreff: Hackontest Announcement
> Dear open source project coordinators
> /ch/open is happy to announce the going-live of the Hackontest  
> platform.
> You're warmly invited to participate on http://hackontest.org [1] and
> submit your project, feature requests, and comments. [2]
> Hackontest is a 24-hour open source coding competition taking place
> during the next OpenExpo in Zurich on September 24/25, 2008. Three  
> teams
> of different open source projects are required to implement a certain
> feature for their Free Software project within 24 hours. In order to
> select the participating projects, features and programmers the
> Hackontest platform allows everyone to submit feature requests for
> projects and rate and comment on them. When a developer feels that  
> he is
> capable implementing a feature, he can sign up and thus becomes a
> candidate for the participation in the Hackontest event. Most of the
> decisions are made by the Hackontest jury which consists of ten  
> renowned
> open source hackers:
> Jeremy Allison, Samba
> Jono Bacon, Ubuntu
> Brian W. Fitzpatrick, Subversion
> Martin F. Krafft, Debian
> Alexander Limi, Plone
> Federico Mena-Quintero, GNOME
> Bram Moolenaar, vim
> Bruce Perens, OSI founder
> Lukas K. Smith, PHP
> Harald Welte, gpl-violations.org
> On August 1st 2008, the Hackontest jury will look at the submitted
> projects and developers and choose the three participating developer
> teams - three persons each - according the features ranked highest and
> the most promising hacker profiles. Until shortly before the  
> Hackontest
> event the rating and commenting of the features may continue. On
> September 24th, the open source teams gather in one room at  
> OpenExpo and
> start to implement the feature the jury will select. Connected to  
> their
> community through the Internet the teams start to code for one day.
> After 24 hours they present the new feature to the audience, the jury
> reviews the code and announces the Hackontest winners.
> The teams receive cash prizes of USD 1000, 2500 and 5000. Also the
> Hackontest participants get a free trip to beautiful Switzerland,
> accommodation and meals during the Hackontest days.
> As Hackontest hast just been released to public, we're thankful if you
> spread the word within your communities and personal contacts.
> All the best,
> Matthias Stürmer
> [1] As this web application is written from scratch, there might be
> still some bugs and usability issues. Please send any suggestions  
> on how
> to improve the platform or anything else concerning Hackontest to
> contact at hackontest.org
> [2] I filed some 'demo' projects and features. If you'd like to take
> over a project, let me know and I'll change the owner.
> -- 
> Matthias Stürmer | matthias.stuermer at ch-open.ch | +41 76 368 81 65
> /ch/open | Swiss Open Systems User Group | http://www.ch-open.ch
> Postfach 2322 | CH-8033 Zürich | info at ch-open.ch | +41 44 350 26 56

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