[Etoys] translation issue in addTranslatedList:

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Thu Sep 27 06:59:15 EDT 2007

Hi, Bert,

> Do we have a use case where we want to append #translatedNoop but do
> *not* want every embedded literal string to be translated?

No, almost certainly not.

> this would mean one had to explicitly add special cases to
> GetTextExporter.

Yes, indeed it would mean adding a single one-line special case to  
the GetTextExporter to cover the translation needs associated with  
senders of #addTranslatedList:.  And if other such methods with  
translation semantics built in to them turn up or are developed, each  
would require another one-line special case so that it will play  
nicely with the exporter.

> Just slapping #translatedNoop onto the literal seems
> way more flexible. Also, it indicates right in the code that these
> strings are going to be translated.

But the fact that string arguments are included that will require  
translation is already inherent in the semantics of the  
#addTranslatedList: method.

I liked my proposal because for the expense of one new method and a  
one-line change to another, all present and future calls to  
#addTranslatedList: would automatically be properly handled without  
need to modify a couple dozen methods and without requiring the  
redundant #translatedNoop calls.

However, your solution is straightforward and perfectly satisfactory,  
so I agree we should go with that.  I'll proceed with adding  
#translatedNoop calls to the literal arguments of those 25 methods --  
though maybe I'll wait until after our next conference call just to  
be sure we're all in synch about this.


  -- Scott

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