[Etoys] translation issue in addTranslatedList:

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Sep 27 05:44:23 EDT 2007

On Sep 27, 2007, at 6:59 , korakurider wrote:

> Hi, Takashi, Scott.
> --- Takashi Yamamiya <tak at metatoys.org> wrote:
>> I think it will work well if you implement
>> TranslatedReceiverFinder correctly.
> Proposed patch is attached.  But I am not sure whether
> this is good approach after writing down the patch:
> As tuple format of array is specific to each use case I
> had to assume only #addTranslatedList:, which I don't
> like.

You misunderstood. Want we want is recursively finding *any* literal  
String in the array receiver. This makes it independent from any  
particular use case.

I have attached a version to show what I mean, not tested though.

- Bert -

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