[Etoys] Unit Test

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Wed Sep 26 18:57:11 EDT 2007


I have been looking for how we can use unit tests in our development
process. We have not been able to use SUnit infrastructure because
distribution etoys image doesn't have test classes. So it causes a
problem when you upload an etoys.image from the update stream.

So far, I have struggled with this issue in current etoys working
process. And finally I gave up (again). But for me, programming
without unit testing is too hard to keep the quality. So let me show
you some options.

1: Give up the update stream for etoys.image: I wonder how many people
   use the update stream for etoys.image. Because current OLPC etoys
   distribution includes a lot of externals file like example
   projects. I don't think updating etoys.image is much make
   sense. And the interface for updating image is in hidden menu.
2: Include TestCases into etoys.image: I measured the impact of
   including test cases today. The difference is 384K. 17,871K with
   tests, 17,487K without tests in both #1664 with Launcher
   project. Even we can strip some unused test classes.

3: Do nothing: If no one except me use unit tests. I can keep my test
   cases in my hard disk. That's O.K.

My preference is this order. What do you think?

- Takashi

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