[Etoys] JUPITER update

Samuel Klein sj at laptop.org
Wed Sep 19 17:26:17 EDT 2007

Here's the latest I heard from Tushar, working on curriculum development 
and digitization and this squeak project.  I know nothing further about 

On Sep 17, 2007, at 10:25 PM, Tushar Sayankar wrote:

> Thanks for this initiative and providing wiki to start our project
> work. I like to provide some updates:
> - JUPITER1.0 will make use of Squeak. I am making progress to
> understand this language and its arcitecture. I am in touch with
> Squeak Etoys team and sorting out some issues with Etoys image.
> Very soon I will make a dedicated webpage explaining this project.
> Also planning to advertise this project and attract open-source
> volunteers for this project.
> - Our staff in Yavatmal is making good progress in gathering all
> the Indian marathi/english school syllabus which they will port to
> some webpages. I think for this purpose, we will use Wiki provided
> by you?
> Thanks for this oportunity to put about our projects and school
> onto OLPC Wiki. We will do it.
> Thanks and Regards,
> Tushar Sayankar

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