[Etoys] squeaky tale #2

subbukk subbukk at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 02:40:49 EDT 2007

On Thursday 11 October 2007 9:45 am, Timothy Falconer wrote:
> I just posted Squeaky Tale #2, which introduces a new character in
> the plot besides Seymour the turtle. As before, let me know if you
> have any problems. Also, keep the kudos coming. It helps to know
> you're out there!
Nice videos, Tim.

It is not necessary to pull out the viewer every time. You could shorten the 
demo by dup-ing category menus (or just the needed slots) from the objects' 
viewer menu into the world. Apart from being a neat trick, it helps reinforce 
the idea that viewer itself is composed from simpler morphs.


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