[Etoys] Byproduct by the change to camel case wording

korakurider korakurider at yahoo.co.jp
Fri Oct 12 06:51:27 EDT 2007


By the recent update (1691-noCamels-bf), camel case
wordings have been "normalized" (like "is over color" from

But a few things have been broken and need rework:

+ existing translations for such wordings in
NaturalLanguageTranslator have become stale
+ Regeneration of POs and merge exisitng translation data
is needed as msgid changed.
+ Though I haven't reviewed much, help contents might be
updated to be consistent with actual system.
+ Existing contents in english like
community-authored-tutorial) also need adjustment.
(It's fortunate we japanese don't have CamelCase and don't
need to adjust wording for this change :-)

I understand why the change is needed. But the change at
this time (approaching FRS) means much impact for us.  So
we need to rethink about this right now and decide our
minds whether we accept the rework, I think.


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