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Offray Vladimir Luna Cardenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Thu Oct 11 23:35:40 EDT 2007

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Thanks a lot for your help!!! :) I can not make test to the code this
weekend because I will be out working in a free software Colombian
event, but this will be first thing I will share with my students next week.

Thanks again and cheers,


Laurence Rozier wrote:
> Offray,
> You can use
> aMorph setBalloonText: 'some text'
> to change the text displayed when you mouse over but the attached changeset
> probably does something closer to what you want. I loaded it into a BotsInc
> image and it seemed to work fine. From the comment in the changeset:
> This changeset provides a somewhat generalized means of have a morph
> communicate. Right now the default(and only) implementation uses
> BalloonMorphs but the code is setup to use any object which understands
> #string:for:. Text-To-Speech should be pretty easy to implement. These
> methods provide options not available with showBalloon: which keeps the
> balloon onscreen until a mouse event occurs. Also showBalloon: clears any
> existing balloons so two morphs can't display balloons simultaneously with
> showBalloon:(see example below). No unit tests are provided but the
> following lines exercise the core capabilities.
> e _ EllipseMorph new openInWorld.
> e sayHelp
> e say: 'something'
> e say: 'something' duration: 7
> e after: 2 say: 'something'
> e after: 2 say: 'something' duration: 7
> At some point the balloon morph could be returned so that it's contents and
> the duration it stays on screen could be tested.
> b_ RectangleMorph new openInWorld
> b showBalloon: 'testing'.""is never seen""
> e showBalloon: 'me too'
> These speech balloons can be seen in action in videos
> here<http://www.griotvision.com/background/gStickPresentationARR.mov>and
> here <http://www.bopspace.com/how-to/space-hosting/>(in Wonderland).
> HTH,
> Laurence
> On 10/10/07, Offray Vladimir Luna Cardenas <offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co>
> wrote:
> Hi Karl,
> karl wrote:
>>>> BotsInc is maybe not the best in environment to do this experiment as it
>>>> has lots of safeguards against the full Squeak IDE.
>>>> I have not found any real support for the thing you want to do in either
>>>> Squeakland or OLPC image.
>>>> If you want a quick solution you could try Scratch
>>>> (http://scratch.mit.edu/) which has pretty good support for this kind of
>>>> animation and talk bubbles.
> Thanks for your quick answers. We have tried Scratch, but the
> programming options of a drag & drop syntax prevent us for using a lot
> of options of Squeak. This syntax is cool for beginning but at some
> point you reach the expressive barrier and you need a more flexible way
> (that already happen with etoys last semester and with Scratch at the
> beginning of this one). We have already accessed to the methods browser
> and we're even changing some of the default behavior of Bots Inc, for
> example the help bubbles of the robots (for the moment we're working
> only on translation), so I will keep trying with Bots Inc., so I will
> rephrase my question:
> How can I change the default bubble message of an object (particularly
> a Bot) in a dynamic way... I mean without going every time to the
> methods browser ?
> Sorry for being so stubborn... I learn a lot of the Squeak community all
> the time, but I think that dramabotics is not a so crazy idea If I can
> learn how to teach to speak and dress to the robots (actors).
> Cheers,
> Offray
>>>> Karl
>>>> Offray Vladimir Luna Cardenas wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> This morning we talk in the etoys list about passing from etoys to
>>>> Smalltalk using Bots Inc as a bridge and I proposed a project that I
>>>> called "Dramabotics", the idea is to use Bots Inc for storytelling on
>>>> local folklore. In this way, once the basic topics on etoys and Bots Inc
>>>> were covered, we narrate some story where the actors are robots and
>>>> etoys, making a bridge between programming and local folklore.
>>>> At this moment my class and me are starting to explore the Bots Inc
>>>> environment for this and we have two questions (I always ask myself if
>>>> this is the proper place to ask, so point me another place if I'm
> wrong):
>>>>  * Can the loadImage and lookLike messages of BotsInc support graphics
>>>> made in other graphical tools, like Inkscape, provided that they are in
>>>> the proper format (jpeg, png, etc) ?
>>>>  * I have seen the method Pica-Bot>>Bot>>private
>>>> morphic>>balloonFeedback and I'm trying to get different messages from
>>>> the robot, for example:
>>>> | probar |
>>>> probar := Bot new.
>>>> probar setBallonText: ('Rin Rin renacuajo...') withCRs.
>>>> but this doesn't work, only if I change the message in the System
>>>> Browser I get the desired behavior but I want a method for making the
>>>> robots say different things.
>>>> Thanks for your help. The more I use Squeak, the more I'm convinced of
>>>> their powerful embedded ideas and its impact on education.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Offray
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