[Etoys] Translucency on the desktop issue

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Fri Oct 12 02:46:01 EDT 2007

Hi, Karl, and thanks.

This problem dates back at least six years.  But it should be fixed  
-- see the preamble to the recently-published update  
1698setAsBackgroundFix-sw.  Basically, given Morphic's display  
architecture, there should not be any translucency in the world's  

And it's always been possible to set the world's "color" from its  
viewer, and the resulting color picker has always offered  
translucency as an option, and it's also always been possible to get  
a property-sheet on the "world", from which one could readily set its  
color to have translucency.

So what's different now is only that with the presence of the recolor  
icon in the world's halo, a color-picker for the world is one step  
closer in the UI.

The cleanest way to deal with the problem is probably to use a custom  
color-picker which does not offer translucency as an option.  A less  
strenuous solution, albeit less ideal, would be to intercept any  
attempt to set the world's color and strip any translucency from the  
proffered color (or colors, if it's a gradient fill) before accepting  
them.  Actually, we need the latter bulletproofing in any case, so  
probably we should do that first...


   -- Scott

On Oct 11, 2007, at 7:50 PM, karl wrote:

> With the last updates comes a handy world handle to change the worlds
> background color. But the color palette offers to change the
> translucency of the color as well, with unwanted side effects: a  
> desktop
> that never paint over deleted or moved stuff.
> Karl
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