[Etoys] [Squeakland] "dramabotics": Questions about using Bots Inc forstorytelling

Offray Vladimir Luna Cardenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Wed Oct 10 19:14:23 EDT 2007

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Hi Karl,

karl wrote:
> BotsInc is maybe not the best in environment to do this experiment as it
> has lots of safeguards against the full Squeak IDE.
> I have not found any real support for the thing you want to do in either
> Squeakland or OLPC image.
> If you want a quick solution you could try Scratch
> (http://scratch.mit.edu/) which has pretty good support for this kind of
> animation and talk bubbles.

Thanks for your quick answers. We have tried Scratch, but the
programming options of a drag & drop syntax prevent us for using a lot
of options of Squeak. This syntax is cool for beginning but at some
point you reach the expressive barrier and you need a more flexible way
(that already happen with etoys last semester and with Scratch at the
beginning of this one). We have already accessed to the methods browser
and we're even changing some of the default behavior of Bots Inc, for
example the help bubbles of the robots (for the moment we're working
only on translation), so I will keep trying with Bots Inc., so I will
rephrase my question:

How can I change the default bubble message of an object (particularly
a Bot) in a dynamic way... I mean without going every time to the
methods browser ?

Sorry for being so stubborn... I learn a lot of the Squeak community all
the time, but I think that dramabotics is not a so crazy idea If I can
learn how to teach to speak and dress to the robots (actors).



> Karl
> Offray Vladimir Luna Cardenas wrote:
> Hi All,
> This morning we talk in the etoys list about passing from etoys to
> Smalltalk using Bots Inc as a bridge and I proposed a project that I
> called "Dramabotics", the idea is to use Bots Inc for storytelling on
> local folklore. In this way, once the basic topics on etoys and Bots Inc
> were covered, we narrate some story where the actors are robots and
> etoys, making a bridge between programming and local folklore.
> At this moment my class and me are starting to explore the Bots Inc
> environment for this and we have two questions (I always ask myself if
> this is the proper place to ask, so point me another place if I'm wrong):
>  * Can the loadImage and lookLike messages of BotsInc support graphics
> made in other graphical tools, like Inkscape, provided that they are in
> the proper format (jpeg, png, etc) ?
>  * I have seen the method Pica-Bot>>Bot>>private
> morphic>>balloonFeedback and I'm trying to get different messages from
> the robot, for example:
> | probar |
> probar := Bot new.
> probar setBallonText: ('Rin Rin renacuajo...') withCRs.
> but this doesn't work, only if I change the message in the System
> Browser I get the desired behavior but I want a method for making the
> robots say different things.
> Thanks for your help. The more I use Squeak, the more I'm convinced of
> their powerful embedded ideas and its impact on education.
> Cheers,
> Offray
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