[Etoys] [Q] when I make procedural script with eToys.

karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Sun Oct 7 16:45:54 EDT 2007

Kazuhiro ABE wrote:
> Hello, Kim-nim,
> Sometimes I want to draw a graph by a pen trail.
> For example:
> Ellipse script1
> Ellipse forward by 10
> Ellipse turn by 10
> Star script1
> Star's penDown true
> Star's x increase by 10
> Star's y <- Ellipse's y
> I will check the 'batch pen trails' for smooth line in this case.
> But the case that you wrote, I will uncheck it. And this switch is value
> is exclusive. I think this switch should be more accessable place, such
> as 'pen use' category of viewer as a slot.
This setting is hard to get to and also hard to understand, especially 
for kids I would guess. Maybe a special mention for it in QuickGuide 
would be good.


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