[Etoys] Merged translation files into a big po.

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Sun Oct 7 01:05:06 EDT 2007


Finally, I merged translation files into a po file each language.  I
have merged all po files on svn and the launchpad site at 2007-10-06
19:12(PST), and uploaded them to svn repository. But it might take a
while to be updated at the launchpad site.


When the URL is ready, please use this place instead of old one. I
couldn't remove old po files, so I added new "series". Maybe this is
the right to way to do it.

- Takashi


Just for a record. This was all of the process.

- Exported pot and po files from etoys. #1690.

- Downloaded all translation files from Download translations link at

- Extracted the tar.gz file and run this script. (assume po files from
  #1690 was located at ../po)

languages=` \
    find po -type f -name '*.po' \
    | sed 's/^\(.*\)-\(.*\).po$/\2/' | sort | uniq `

echo "Found language: " $languages

for locale in $languages
  echo "Processing: *.$locale"
  echo find po -name "*$locale.po" -print \| msgcat --use-first -f - -o "$locale.po"
  find po -name "*$locale.po" -print | msgcat --use-first -f - -o "$locale.po"
  test -f "../po/etoys/$locale.po" && \
      echo msgmerge -U -N "$locale.po" "../po/etoys/$locale.po" && \
      msgmerge -U -N "$locale.po" "../po/etoys/$locale.po"

- Took a diff to make sure the result was correct.

- Commited all translation files into svn.

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