[Etoys] Demo of combined use of Squeak et al. for a general educative application

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at ofset.org
Sat Oct 6 07:58:02 EDT 2007


Here is a video demonstration of the iStoa project I am working on
Some ideas may be useful for people working on educative applications
and computer assisted learning project.

This video demonstrates the combined use of several  Squeak/Smalltalk

- a standalone Morphic application for the learner interactive exercises
- a Magma database use as a back-end to save all the learner actions
in the Morphic application
- a Seaside web application (console) for the teacher to review the
learner achievements and to replay his action
- a custom image plugin to replay in the console the learner action

It is not polished as it is for now a proof of concept but the ideas are there.

Some more examples can be found at http://home.gna.org/istoa/examples.fr.shtml

Use the free media player VLC or MPLAYER if your usal media player
cannot play the video.


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