[Etoys] Proposal on how to use Pootle for etoys

Xavier Alvarez xavi.alvarez at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 15:08:55 EST 2007

On Friday 30 November 2007 16:09, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
BF> >>> Pootle's file name / hierarchy is different from what we
BF> >>> choose for etoys svn
BF> >>> For instance:
BF> >>> Pootle: Japanese/ Update1-core / chat-activity.po.
BF> >>> etoys svn: po/etoys/ja.po
BF> >>> lang/ja/.../etoys.mo
BF> >>> So we need to fill the gap.
BF> >
BF> > I think the simplest way is to use Pootle's file structure.
BF> > But I would write a shell script to adapt file names at
BF> > first. I doubt if we will change the translation scheme in
BF> > near future again ;) I'll test whole thing after my current
BF> > task, maybe this weekend.
BF> Does pootle really force some directory structure onto
BF> projects? 

By default Pootle uses the following layout (xx_YY being the 
language code):

But it can also handle GNU's all-in-one structure:

Currently all 'assembled projects' (xo_core, xo_bundled & 
update1_core) use Pootle's default and Etoys test project uses 
GNU's layout. And so far, so good :)

Another thing to note is that for 'version controlled' .po & .pot 
files we have symlinks going from Pootle's hierarchy into the 
version control directory. Not only is the sane way (according to 
the Pootle people) but it is also what allows us to have those 
'assembled projects', all of which have a GNU layout in their git 

BF> - Bert -


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