[Etoys] Squeak VM status concerning language encodings

Chris Petsos chrispetsos at sch.gr
Thu Nov 29 04:51:34 EST 2007

>> Hello to all. I would like to ask if there is utf8 support in the
>> Squeak VM
>> currently. I know that in the past only 8-bit encoding was
>> supported by the
>> virtual machine. Is it the same nowadays? I am considering the
>> addition of
>> the greek language which requires utf8 to be supported by the VM.
> UTF-8 is supported. The "etoys" script now runs the VM using the "-
> encoding UTF-8" option.

Nice...birbilis, why don't you try to open the image from "ellak" inside the 
OLPC having the new UTF-8 enabled VM and see how it goes?

 http://www.ellak.gr/index.php?option=com_openwiki&Itemid=103&id=ellak:olpc_etoys_greek_supportCurrently, i don't remember if a have removed the switches thatdifferentiate Windows and Unix behaviour, but it's worth trying... Ifkeyboard input works correctly, then we are a big step forward...Christos

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