[Etoys] LanguageEditor>>checkSpanishPhrase:translation:

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Wed Nov 28 19:28:59 EST 2007

  Hello Spanish speaking Etoys developers,

  It appears that some methods with latin1 characters got messed up
over the years (possibly when going through Monticello, for some
instances).  Most of them I can fix, but there is one method I'd like
to get some suggestions from Spanish speaking people.

  Please take a look at
LanguageEditor>>checkSpanishPhrase:translation:.  Can anybody edit the
method to make it look ok?  Seemingly it was trying to warn the
LanguageEditor user when a phrase doesn't have a matching ? and
inverted ?, or ! and inverted !.

  As you see, it is in a comment and not used (and will not be used)
anymore so there is no real reason to fix it, but I thought it is nice

  Thank you!

-- Yoshiki

  I looked at a Smallland image based on 3.8, but I don't have the
.changes for the image.  So I cannot see comments...

  Now small-land.org seems to be grabbed.  What is the best place now?

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