[Etoys] Hyperlinked projects

karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Tue Nov 27 17:31:10 EST 2007

Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>   Luke,
>> I was wondering particularly about the saving part though. I like the
>> idea of saving intermediate working copies in Squeaklets/ but then I
>> want a 'publish' button that would upload a project into a common
>> repository (svn or maybe webdav - I've never used webdav) and in that
>> case it could be nice to use a standardised filename (i.e. without
>> serial number). But it's at this point I decided I was probably
>> reinventing the wheel and decided to ask for more detail about what
>> other people do.
>   Hmm, what kind of problems that the serial number would cause?
> Yeah, you might want to delete the older versions, but always looking
> at the latest version based on the serial number would work ok.
>>>   The way you created the thumbnails are almost right.  You can load
>>> the root project, and hand-edit the thumbnails' DiskProxy (its
>>> selectors and arguments) and save the image again.
>> This is another time when I'd really like some kind of MagicWandMorph.
>> I picture that clicking on the MagicWandMorph would pop up a dialogue
>> box with some template text like '[:morph |  ]' and let you type in
>> the contents of a block -- then you'd get a special Hand that applied
>> the block to each morph you clicked on. Or perhaps the UI could be
>> different -- e.g. an extra halo item to apply MagicWand>>doIt: to the
>> morph.
>> Is there something like this? Today I'm clicking a lot to open
>> inspectors via halos and then copy&paste commands from one to the
>> next. Hurts my Emacs-user pride when someone is looking over my
>> shoulder :-)
>   As far as I know, no, and it would be a cute feature (could be a bit
> tricky to implement, as the mouse-click recipients behavior will
> change...  You can do:
> World allMorphsDo: [:m | (m isKindOf: ...) ifTrue: [...]]
> too, as you know.
>   Yes, I have been a Emacs-user and sometimes it felt awkward to use a
> pointing device to write a program when I started.
There is the MorphicWrappers that let you type directly to the object: 
click on the object, a balloon pops up and start telling the object what 
to do . BotsInc have a version of MorphicWrappers.

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