[Etoys] Hyperlinked projects

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Tue Nov 27 17:15:14 EST 2007


> I was wondering particularly about the saving part though. I like the
> idea of saving intermediate working copies in Squeaklets/ but then I
> want a 'publish' button that would upload a project into a common
> repository (svn or maybe webdav - I've never used webdav) and in that
> case it could be nice to use a standardised filename (i.e. without
> serial number). But it's at this point I decided I was probably
> reinventing the wheel and decided to ask for more detail about what
> other people do.

  Hmm, what kind of problems that the serial number would cause?
Yeah, you might want to delete the older versions, but always looking
at the latest version based on the serial number would work ok.

> >   The way you created the thumbnails are almost right.  You can load
> > the root project, and hand-edit the thumbnails' DiskProxy (its
> > selectors and arguments) and save the image again.
> This is another time when I'd really like some kind of MagicWandMorph.
> I picture that clicking on the MagicWandMorph would pop up a dialogue
> box with some template text like '[:morph |  ]' and let you type in
> the contents of a block -- then you'd get a special Hand that applied
> the block to each morph you clicked on. Or perhaps the UI could be
> different -- e.g. an extra halo item to apply MagicWand>>doIt: to the
> morph.
> Is there something like this? Today I'm clicking a lot to open
> inspectors via halos and then copy&paste commands from one to the
> next. Hurts my Emacs-user pride when someone is looking over my
> shoulder :-)

  As far as I know, no, and it would be a cute feature (could be a bit
tricky to implement, as the mouse-click recipients behavior will
change...  You can do:

World allMorphsDo: [:m | (m isKindOf: ...) ifTrue: [...]]

too, as you know.

  Yes, I have been a Emacs-user and sometimes it felt awkward to use a
pointing device to write a program when I started.

> >   For the back end, SuperSwiki2 should work without changing the image
> > side, or simply setting up a WebDAV folder would work.  Adding a new
> > server to the image is a bit tricky... I'm happy to write a little
> > how-to if you need it.  (Well, because you can hack, I'm not giving
> > away all secrets^^;)
> I would really appreciate a hint! And I have only a loose idea of what
> WebDAV is.

  WebDAV is a "network folder" in Windows terminology and can store
and read files on a server over HTTP.  Set up Apache and add several
lines to httpd.conf to have one, or on Windows, a "Web folder" is a
WebDAV folder and it should be visible from Etoys.

-- Yoshiki

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